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Helping you find answers to your animal related concerns

Animal Allies Humane Society strives to support a well educated, animal friendly community.

Whether you have recently adopted a new cat or dog for the first time or have had several pets in your household over the years, our staff know the importance of having access to resources and support for common issues that may arise while having an animal companion in your life.

Under this resource tab, you will find tools to help you if you have lost or found a pet and are unsure what to do, as well as information for if you are unable to keep your animal(s) and need assistance in rehoming them on your own or surrendering them to us to for our adoption program to find them new homes.


We have also listed veterinary services in our area for any health concerns your animal may be having and need to have addressed - or - if you are seeking some answers regarding behavioral issues that your cat or dog may be exhibiting due to stress from new changes in your household - such as a newborn child, an additional pet, or underlying health factors that may be unnoticed.


Lastly, it will also give you some support in finding pet-friendly housing so that if you have to move somewhere new, you and your pet can stay together during your transition from one home to another.

If our resource pages don't offer you the answers you are looking for, please feel free to contact our adoption staff for additional animal related assistance! 

Call 218-722-5341 and press *1* when you reach the phone tree. 


Looking to share our message or a lesson with a classroom/community group in your life?

Contact our Humane Education Manager, Nicole Facciotto at 218-229-7311.

Humane education visits for children and adults are available free of charge for classrooms, organizations, business groups, and more- thanks to generous funding provided by the Kenneth A. Scott Foundation and

the Irving Community Club.


Would you like to rent our Humane Education Room for a meeting, potluck, baby shower, wedding shower, or other type of gathering?  Groups of up to 25 are welcome to rent our meeting space for their gathering.

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