Help finding the best solution for your pet.

At Animal Allies Humane Society we understand that there are situations where owners are no longer able to keep their pets in the home. We also know that surrendering a pet can be an incredibly difficult decision and are here to help. Our experienced staff will help you through this process and answer any question you may have.

Due to our humane society’s kennel capacity, we accept surrenders only by appointment.


To schedule a surrender appointment, or if you have questions about a pet you want to discuss rehoming, contact our Intake Specialist at 218-722-5341.  Our Intake Specialist is here Tuesday-Saturday 8am-12pm.

What to expect:

An appointment is required in order to surrender your pet. This ensures that you and your pet receive personalized attention from our staff and that a kennel is prepared for them upon arrival.  Please bring any medical records specific to your pet and one special item you want to send with them.​  We cannot take any food at this time.


Our staff will help you complete a behavioral survey for your pet at the time of surrender. This will set your pet up for success by giving our Animal Care team and future adopter(s) information about your pet's background, ensuring placement in a home that will be a great fit!


Expect your appointment to take up to 45 minutes.

We ask for a surrender fee that helps provide for the care your pet will receive while they are with us.

Surrender Fees


  • $45 for an individual cat

  • $65 for up to 3 cats

  • $100 for mom and babies


  • $100 per dog

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an update on my pet after I surrender them?

You can call and check in and we will let you know where the animal is in our adoption program. You can also track them on our adoption website, when their picture has been taken down, they have been adopted. However, we are unable to share any medical or adopter information.

Why do I need to pay a surrender fee?

We are a non-profit organization and those fees go directly back into the animal’s care and allow us to serve the thousands of animals we see every year. Each animal costs at least $25 a day to care for. Current surrender fees: Cats - $45 for an individual cat, $65 for 2-3 cats and $100 for mom and babies Dogs - $100 per dog

I adopted my animal from AAHS. Can I return the pet back to you?

Yes, if the animal is brought back within 30 days of adoption, we will not charge our surrender fees. However, if it has been longer than 30 days it is considered a surrender and not a return so we do ask for the surrender fee and require a scheduled surrender appointment.
*reminder: returns do not receive refunds, adoption fees turn into account credits
Please call to schedule returns with our Adoption Staff.

How long can my pet stay at your facility?

We treat all animals in our Adoption Center like any loving pet owner would and do not euthanize animals due to capacity limits or the length of an animal’s stay.

Can I bring their belongings when I surrender?

We have limited ability to store items for pets while they are awaiting adoption so we ask you only bring one favorite item. Any pet beds, food bowls, collars or leashes, etc. we cannot except at this time. Please do not bring open bags of food, as we cannot adequately store them.

What if I don't want to make an appointment?

Due to capacity limitations, we are unable to accept walk-in surrenders. If you do not want to schedule an appointment, we can provide you with other resources to rehome your pet.

What do I do with stray animals?

We are happy to help if you find a stray pet. Please visit our stray page to learn more about this process or give us a call!


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