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Helping hands for paws that have lost their way

It's important to remember that every cat or dog that appears to be a "stray" is more than likely someone's missing pet - do not keep found animals for your pets. If your cat or dog were missing, you would want someone to help them find their way back to you, so if you find a cat or dog, please me mindful of the owner that is missing them terribly and use our resources to help reunite them with a happy ending. 


Although it may be second nature to conclude that a thin, skittish dog has been abandoned or abused or a cat has been neglected and left outdoors, the truth can be more complicated - including that this pet has been missing for a long time and unable to find its way back home on its own.


The following tools are available for your use. We hope you find them helpful! Clicking on the links below will help you navigate to the best resources to help find your pet or report a found/"stray" animal.

Thank you for stepping up to help pets in need!

Posted Lost & Found Pets

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