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Helping lost pets find their way back home

I found a lost or "stray" pet. What do I do?

First of all, thank you for making an effort to help the wayward furry friend currently in your care!


If you are able, please put the pet in a crate or use another safe restraint device (such as a leash) to keep them safe and prevent them from running free again. 

If the animal is friendly, the shelter or animal control facility may ask you to transport the animal to their location. 


If an animal is hurt, in danger, or aggressive- call 911.


When in doubt, NEVER handle a loose animal; call the police.


Again, If an animal is hurt, in danger, or aggressive- call 911.

When in doubt, do not handle a loose animal; call the police.

What next?

Identify the local animal control authority serving the area that the pet was found. 


Each city / township offers independent Animal Control services. If you aren't sure who to contact, the map tool below will help you identify the appropriate service provider based on location.  Just enter the address (or the closest possible address) of where you found the pet.


Contact information for each provider is listed below.


City Boundary Identifier Map

Call the appropriate service provider (listed below) to find out next steps. 

  • Found within the city limits of Duluth: call Animal Control at (218) 723-3259 or (218) 390-2256

  • Found within Hermantown city limits: call Hermantown Police Department at (218) 729-1200

  • Found within Proctor city limits: call Proctor Police Department at (218) 624-7788

  • Found in Southern St. Louis County: call Animal Allies at (218) 722-5341

  • Found within Superior city limits: call the City of Superior Humane Officer at (715) 395-7280.

What about a microchip?

If you've found a stray pet, it is strongly recommended to have them scanned for a microchip. This can be done at your local veterinarian's office or at your nearest animal shelter. All stray animals are scanned for a microchip when arriving at a shelter, animal control, rescue group, or veterinarian office. If the pet has a microchip, then contacting the person whose information is registered to that microchip is quick and easy.

Animal Allies urges all pet owners to microchip their companion animal and to keep the contact information updated to expedite lost pet reunions.


If a microchip has old information, we are not able to contact the current owner.


Animal Allies offers microchipping for owned animals. 

Call (218) 722-5341, ext. 205 to schedule an appointment at our Adoption Center.


For just 15 minutes and $25 you can take a meaningful step towards ensuring a safe reunion with your pet should they become lost or separated from you. Set up your appointment for a microchip today for future peace of mind.

How else can I help?

If the pet is friendly, and you are able to temporarily care for the animal, then the following ideas are a great way to work towards reuniting the pet with their owner(s). Note: many owners search local animal care facilities and shelters for their lost pet, please be sure to maximize your efforts to help by reporting the found stray pet to your local shelters.

Other ways to help:

  • Complete the brown colored form below- this information is automatically posted in the spreadsheet form below.

  • SEARCH the spreadsheet form below. "Lost" pet posts are listed here and the stray pet you found may be among them.

  • Post a found pet report on Missing Pets of the Northland on Facebook. This group is very active and posts can be shared.

  • Post a lost, found, or sighting of a dog with Lost Dogs of Minnesota or Lost Dogs of Wisconsin.

  • Post an ad for the pet on Craigslist

  • Place an ad in your local newspapers

  • Create a found pet poster / yard sign and hang them around your neighborhood, in grocery stores, and on local posting boards. It also helps to email or deliver your forms to your local vet offices and animal shelters.

Lost / Found Pet Reporting Form

Reported Lost / Found Pets

Current Lost Pets Awaiting Owner Reclaim at Animal Allies

Note: We post all animals that come in as strays on our Facebook page. 

If you do not have Facebook, please call 218-722-5341 to see if any of our current strays match your missing pet's description. Our staff will return your call during our regular business hours. Thank you!

Stray pets will be cared for during the state-mandated 5-day stray hold, and then placed into our adoption program if they are not reclaimed.  

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