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Opening your hearts and homes to our animals

First and foremost, thank you for opening your hearts and homes to our animals. Our foster families play a vital role in the transformation of every kitten, puppy, cat, and dog that enters our foster homes. Our foster program exists to give young kittens and puppies a chance to grow, moms with babies a safe home, and to give sick, injured and under-socialized animals a chance to heal. Since starting our program, foster families have helped saved thousands of cats and dogs in need of a temporary, loving home. 



Types of animals that need foster homes:


  • Puppies or kittens awaiting spay and neuter surgery

  • Dogs and cats that require additional socialization and behavior training

  • Injured dogs and cats recovering from surgery

  • Mothers with litters of kittens or puppies

  • Adoption Ambassador program animals

  • Transport from other shelters



What to expect

Fosters play a critical role in providing daily care of our animals.  This includes feeding, watering and exercising them.

It is important for our fosters to adhere to staff directives and protocols, especially when it comes to medical and behavioral needs animals.

Animal Allies retains ownership of the animal during it's time in foster so we provide all food, medications and veterinarian care.  We have a full time vet on staff as well as a medical team and emergency protocols.

Biggest thing about the foster program is that we don't always know when an animal will come to us with specials needs, so be at the ready!

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Next steps

Email our Volunteer Coordinator at to sign up for an in-person foster training!  Training is offered Tuesday-Sunday (times vary) and is 30-45 minutes long.

During the foster training you can pick which types of animals you are open to: dogs, cats, specials needs, hospice, etc. 

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