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Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth, MN is a long-established pillar of the Animal Welfare Community. We have served the lower St. Louis County area for over 60 years.


From humble beginnings as a foster-based rescue group to today's bricks and mortar Adoption Center, our commitment to serving the people and pets of the Northland is only growing stronger.


We believe in transparency and are honored to share our work with you. The below information - from our board and staff listings to annual statistics - is available for your reference.


Thank you for being part of our supportive, pet-loving community!

Animal Allies Humane Society

Meet Our Board

Executive Committee
President - Candy Madich
Vice President - Christina Knetsch
Treasurer - Jennifer Smith
Secretary - Rebba Olson
Board of Directors Lindsey Buran Jeremy Caine Eric Frost Christina Knetsch Candy Madich Cheryl Meese Rebba Olson Paige Orcutt Alexander Rogers Jennifer Smith John Strange

Meet Our Staff

MANAGEMENT STAFF Executive Director & Shelter Operations
Julie Waltenburg - Executive Director, Ext. 215
Daryl Yankee - Director of Operations, Ext. 200 Animal Care and Adoption
Kelsey Pettit - Practice Manager, Ext. 201
David Carlson - Kennel & Facilities Manager, Ext. 210
Emily Spurgeon - Program Manager, Ext. 208 Humane Education and Volunteer Program
Nicole Facciotto - Humane Education Manager, Ext. 220
Shirley De la Torre - Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 213 Development and Communications
- Development Officer, Ext. 221 Finance
Finance Manager, Ext. 202

Adoption Center Hours

Muriel Whiteside Adoption Center Hours: Tuesday - Saturday Noon - 6 p.m. Sunday Noon - 4 p.m. Closed Monday

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement Animal Allies Humane Society strives to ensure a loving home for every pet. Vision Statement Animal Allies Humane Society recognizes the importance of pets in people’s lives and is guided by a humane ethic to serve the community through: • Educating the public about humane treatment and responsible guardianship of companion animals. • Reducing overpopulation by altering all animals who are in our care. • Intervening to help animals overcome medical and behavioral issues. • Providing safe, temporary care for animals while they are readied for adoption. • Providing people the opportunity to invite pets into their lives. • Saving lives by transporting animals from shelters that are overcrowded. • Contributing to our community by engaging with students at all levels, the elderly and others to share the importance of the relationship of animals to society.

History of Animal Allies

Animal Allies Humane Society was founded in the 1950s when a Duluth school teacher, Miriam Carlstedt, took responsibility of caring and finding homes for a litter of kittens she discovered on her doorstep. She began to dedicate herself to animal welfare, introducing humane education programs to area schools and developing a network of volunteers to foster and find homes for homeless companion animals. Animal Allies incorporated in 1957 and later gained 501c3 status in February, 1968. The organization operated out of homes until the late 1990s when it then partnered with the City of Duluth Animal Services, sharing their facility and performing all adoption services for the city's homeless pets. Animal Allies ran a Capital Campaign through 2007 and 2008 to build a new, state-of-the-art shelter. The organization moved into our current location on Airport Road in 2009. In 2010, Animal Allies successfully launched and has maintained the Campaign for Zero, a special mission which aimed to eliminate euthanasia for all healthy and treatable/rehabilitatable animals in the shelter. Animal Allies Humane Society has maintained a live release rate of 90% or above since moving to the new facility.

Services We Offer

Animal Allies Humane Society can not provide veterinary care for owned animals. We are happy to offer the following services for the public; Application of Soft Paws Microchipping Cremation

Asilomar Animal Statistics

The following links will direct you to the past several years worth of Animal Allies Humane Society's animal care statistics, called the Asilomar Report.


Inviting a new pet into your home is an exciting adventure. Learn the benefits of adoption.

Teaching humane values and lessons of compassion in our community is a huge part of our mission. Learn more about our Humane Education program, register your children, and find downloadable tools here.

Spend time with the animals!  Volunteers provide invaluable assistance with animal care, shelter needs, and special events.

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located and what are your hours?

Our Muriel Whiteside Adoption Center is located at 4006 Airport Road in Duluth. We are open to the public Tuesday-Saturday 12-6 p.m. and Sunday 12-4 p.m.

Do you currently have animals available for adoption?

Yes. For a detailed list of all animals available for adoption click here.

I'm having behavior problems with my pet. What can I do?

We recommend contacting a professional trainer, veterinarian, and/or you can click here to visit the ASPCA website. The ASPCA also offers a virtual pet behaviorist with many helpful tips.

I need to rehome my cat/dog. How can Animal Allies help?

You can make an appointment to surrender your cat or dog by calling the shelter at (218) 722-5341. Scheduling an appointment allows Animal Allies to manage the intake of animals and continue our commitment to zero euthanasia of healthy and rehabilitatable pets. Please note there is typically a two-week waiting period for surrender appointments. Surrender Fees; At the time of surrender, we ask for a $45 fee for cats and $100 fee for dogs to help offset the costs of their care. Any information you can give us about your pet's history and personality will help us match them with adopters.

There is a cat/dog running loose in my neighborhood. What do I do?

If you live within Duluth city limits, please call Duluth Animal Services at (218) 723-3259. In the City of Superior, please call (715) 398-6784. If you are in another area, please click here to see more options.

I’ve lost my pet. Who can help me find it?

If the pet was lost in the city of Duluth, call Duluth Animal Services at (218) 723-3259 to see if it has been reported or brought to them. We also suggest contacting other area shelters and veterinarians, as a lost pet may travel. See more tips and current stray cats/dogs at Animal Allies Humane Society by clicking here.

How can I volunteer my time for Animal Allies?

See our Volunteer page for current volunteer opportunities.

My pet is hurt. Do you offer financial assistance for emergency veterinary care?

Animal Allies does not provide funding for medical emergencies. If you are not experiencing an emergency at this time, we recommend researching pet insurance, like Trupanion, to help offset the costs of future medical needs for your pet. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, your veterinarian may also offer Care Credit financing and payment plans. We recommend having a discussion with them directly.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a computer chip about the size of a grain of rice that is coded with a very special serial number unique to your pet. This number links to a database of registered owner information. A lost pet with a microchip can be scanned and the microchip number will link to the owner's contact information. This small little chip provides an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for you should your pet ever become lost or separated from you. Animal Allies offers microchipping for owned animals for just $25. Call 218-722-5341 to schedule an appointment.

Does Animal Allies declaw cats before adoption?

No. Animal Allies sometimes takes in cats that have already been declawed, but we encourage alternatives to declawing due to the problems that can arise from declawing a cat. Some alternatives are: regular nail clipping, providing your cat with appropriate scratching surfaces, or other humane alternatives such as soft paws. For more information about declawing, follow these links: What you should know before declawing your cat: The Spruce Pets - Living With Cats http://www.declawing.com/

Does Animal Allies euthanize animals in their care?

In 2010, Animal Allies launched the Campaign for Zero which aimed eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals in Duluth. Animal Allies continues to partner with the City of Duluth to place homeless pets in adoptive homes. Occasionally, health or temperament prevents an animal from being placed. Click here to see the Community statistics on animal placement and euthanasia. Animal Allies does not provide euthanasia for owned animals.

Where can I find a pet-friendly apartment?

You may try searching for a rental on: www.rent.com/pet-friendly-apartments or http://www.myapartmentmap.com/pet_friendly/ These websites are not affiliated with Animal Allies.

More questions?

Please call us at (218) 722-5341