Got mice? Adopt a Barn Cat!

Animal Allies Humane Society seeks adopters with a warm barn, shed, or other outdoor housing to give feral cats a chance at life.

These independent-minded felines are not suitable indoor companions, but they would be a great friend for cows, horses, or chickens!

All barn cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and available for $25 each, or "Adopt One, Get One".  

For any other questions about the barn cat program, please call the Adoption Team at 218-722‑5341.


Common Questions

How long should I keep my barn cat confined?

We recommend enclosed confinement for at least 2‑4 weeks to help your cat learn that the particular area is not only its shelter, but also a source of food and water.

Is it better to adopt one or two barn cats?

Cats are social animals, and feral cats generally feel more comfortable among other cats. We strongly recommend that you adopt more than one.

Will the cats eat birds and other wildlife on my property?

Cats are opportunistic feeders. Providing them with a steady food source will reduce the effect they have on traditional prey.

I already have cats living on my property. What’s the difference?

Free‑roaming cats are major contributors to the seasonal boom in cat reproduction and the resulting flood of kittens into shelters. Spaying or neutering those cats can help reduce shelter overpopulation. Adopting spayed/neutered barn cats will not only drastically reduce the number of unwanted litters in our community, but will also diminish their urge to roam or fight with other cats.