Animal Allies is most well known for our Adoption Program, but did you know that we also offer other pet-specific services for the public? 

As a Humane Society, our goal is to make these supportive services accessible for our community.

Services Offered at Animal Allies


Did you know that you can have your pet microchipped at Animal Allies? Microchipping is an easy procedure that involves inserting a tiny, grain of rice-sized, microchip just beneath the skin on the nape of your pet's neck. That chip contains a special number that corresponds with your contact information. Should your pet go missing, a quick scan from an animal control officer or veterinary office can provide the finder with all of your information, quickly reuniting you and your pet! Microchip appointments can be scheduled by calling 218-722-5341. Cost of a microchip is $25.00 + tax.

Soft Paws

Is your kitty clawing and ruining your furniture? As an alternative to declawing, Animal Allies is happy to offer Soft Paws services! Soft Paws are specialized nail caps for cats. These caps allow cats to keep their claws while protecting your household from overzealous scratchers. The caps are attached to the outside of the cat's claw, allowing them to act as normal - scratching in litter boxes, pawing at rugs and toys, and preventing complications that can come with declawing. The nail caps gradually grow out, usually within about 4-6 weeks. We offer free application of Soft Paws nail caps when you purchase them from our retail store at the Adoption Center. We offer a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. One package of Soft Paws lasts for about 4 applications! Schedule your Soft Paws appointment today! 218-722-5341