Tell Governor Walz Spay & Neuter saves lives.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One of our greatest passions at Animal Allies Humane Society is to share and spread Humane Education throughout our community. Today, we would like to share with you one of the biggest challenges facing stray and homeless pets and the caregivers who look after them; the recent restrictions placed on Spay and Neuter procedures in the state of Minnesota. (And many other states across the country.)

Thanks to COVID-19, non-emergency Spay and Neuter surgical procedures have been deemed non-essential and veterinarians and shelters across the state of Minnesota have been asked to and put a halt to all Spay and Neuter procedures.

How does this affect our community?

Every spring brings with it an onslaught of new baby kittens from stray and owned pets who have not been altered. Lovingly referred to in the animal welfare world as 'Kitten Season', this annual spring influx of baby kittens and mother cats puts a heavy burden on the resources of shelters and rescue groups. As homeless and stray pets are left unaltered and females go into heat, this year's Kitten Season is feared to overwhelm to our animal care providers.

Reacting to our current environment;

Our team has been reaching out to Governor Walz in an effort to have restrictions lifted on the current Spay an