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Administrative Staff

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is key to governing of Animal Allies. It consists of 8-15 members, including four elected officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer). These individuals are strong advocates for our Mission. The Board supervises, directs, and appoints the Executive Director, as well as holding committees throughout the year. They are responsible for overseeing shelter finances, operations, and development, as well as building and grounds projects. 

Executive Director - Julie W.
The Executive Director facilitates effective board governance, strategic planning, and provides support to the Board of Directors. Their role is also to provide overall leadership to all staff and ensure compliance with board-approved policies, laws, and regulations. In collaboration with the Board of Directors and Development Officer, they work to maximize charitable income and manage organization's financial resources. Executive Director communicates our mission, vision, and programs to maintain and strengthen partnerships with government entities, veterinarians, other humane organizations, and community groups. 

Director of Operations - David C.
Responsible for the direction and coordination of the organization, building and maintaining relationships with all department heads, and facilitating the design and implementation of innovative ideas to reach strategic goals. 

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Development Staff

Development Manager - Tracie R.

Donor Stewardship Specialist - Mary G.

Development Assistant - Sarah A.

Grants Writer - Lita L.

Content Editor - Adeline G.

The development team is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships while raising money, fundraising, and communicating Animal Allies' work through fundraising, marketing, and communication. This includes events, mailings, the Paw Print newsletter, local media, social media, prospect research, large and mid-level donor cultivation, and gift asks. 

The development team needs to bring people who value rescuing and rehoming pets closer to the mission and work happening at Animal Allies. It is our goal to develop lifelong relationships with our supporters and seek to find meaningful ways to engage and inspire our donors to give generously. This is achieved with effective and thoughtful communication and conversations which require us to know and understand our donors. 

Development fun fact: Did you know about 80% of Animal Allies revenue comes from donations, charitable bequests, gifts of stocks, grants, and memberships? 

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Humane Education Staff

Humane Education Manager - Nicole F. (also Programs Manager & Comm.)

Humane Education Assistant - Jayden L.

Animal Allies offers a robust Humane Education Program for children, youth, and adults. This department focuses on educating our community about responsible pet ownership, and animal welfare initiatives and helps connect with the public to our mission and vision - reaching thousands of people annually. 
Duties include: 

  • Conducting educational classroom visits across the Northland. 

  • Hosting summer camps, birthday parties, movie nights, and our reading program, all of which are on-site. 

  • Running our Youth Allies volunteer program from September - June each year. 

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Medical Staff

Medical/Practice Manager - Kelsey P.

Shelter Veterinarian - Dr. Brianna P.

Vet Care Team Lead - Mikayla G. (also Foster Coordinator)

Lead CVT - Abbie K.
CVT - Lindsay B.
Veterinary Assistant - Ava Norling
Animal Care Associate - Hannah H. - Anna S. - Ella D. - Jordan B. - Madison N. 
(listed in order from date of hire)

***long list-- rank to be determined by Kelsey - otherwise date of hire then list title after***

The medical staff works hand in hand with both kennel and adoption to evaluate our capacity to take on animals. They perform intake exams on all animals as they arrive at the shelter and administer vaccines. Every animal that enters our care is treated as an individual, so whether their medical needs are great or small, we do all we can for each one of them. The medical team has to make a lot of difficult decisions; quality of life implications weigh heavily on an animal's treatment plan. They work closely with our on-site veterinarian and local partners for daily care instructions and spay, neuter, and speciality surgeries! 

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Kennel Staff

Kennel & Facilities Manager - David C. (also Director of Operations)

Kennel Feline Team Lead - Sarah A. (also Development Assistant)

Kennel Canine Team Lead - Kathryn S.

Laundry Room Attendant - Denise H.

Custodian - Rita K.

Kennel Attendant - Jessica S. - Brittney T. - Alaina N. - Lily E. - Calvin S. - Sahara C. - Joe T. - Carla B - A.C. H. (listed in order from date of hire)

Kennel team is responsible for cleaning animal housing as well as monitoring behavior and providing enrichment while utilizing Fear Free methods. Though an animal's stay at Animal Allies is temporary, it is important that animals are provided a regular feeding schedule of high quality food. Feeding and cleaning can be stressful for animals, so these experiences should be made as predictable and pleasant as possible. Good cleaning and sanitation is an integral part of humane animal housing. Proper cleaning and disinfection practices help reduce the transmission of infectious diseases to both animals and people and result in a cleaner, healthier environment. A clean shelter also has the added benefits of increasing the comfort level of the animals and presenting a positive image of the shelter to the public, resulting in more adoptions - which means more lives saved.

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Adoption Staff

Adoption/Programs Manager - Nicole F. (also H.E. Mgr, Comms. Coord.)

Adoption Team Lead - Mara H.

Adoption Counselor - Carly B. - Mckenzie K. - Abby V. - Tiffany P. - Lauren C. - Stephanie F. (listed in order from date of hire)

The primary function of the adoption staff is to place our animals into loving homes. Our adoption process is conversational; we compare the needs of each animal to the adopter's lifestyle to ensure it will be a good fit. Occasionally animals come through the shelter that need to find a home without other pets, younger kids, etc. so it is important we screen any potential adopter in these cases. Although they primarily focus on adoptions, they do so much more! The adoption staff facilitates all dog-to-dog introductions, focuses on enriching the animals in their downtime, and provides the majority of customer service. This can include directing phone calls to the appropriate departments, answering voicemails, responding to email, and basic community engagement with the public as they enter our facility.

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Volunteer Staff

Volunteer Coordinator - Kayla M.

Foster Coordinator - Mikayla. G. (also Vet Care Team Lead)

Our volunteers donate their time, giving us over 30,000 hours every year, equivalent to 14 full time employees. Areas of volunteering are: dog buddy (walking and play), cat buddy (cleaning and play), enrichment (all play!), special events, administrative help, medical assistance, adoption assistant, grooming, humane education, development and programs, and most importantly our fosters! We also believe in enriching our volunteers, with special meetings and celebrations, and workshops and webinars: offering educational opportunities to expand their personal knowledge, as well as perfecting their skills that they share with our shelter animals. 

Behind the Scenes Staff

IT Administrator - Tim M.

Finance Manager - Amy P.

Communications Coord. - Nicole F. (also H.E. & Adoption Programs Mgr)

Our behind the scenes staff keep everything running smoothly and are always at our aid should we run into any technical issues or need to keep our spendings in check. (See what I did there?)

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